Is your comfort zone really that comfortable?



We all like comfort. We want to feel secure and in control. Our mind likes what is familiar and not so much what is not. Bad news is – you will need to get uncomfortable before you feel truly comfortable with yourself. Okay, now you probably think: what is she getting at? Let me explain…

How many times have you thought ‘Oh, yes! I’d love to look like her/him!’ or ‘I’d love to join this class, it looks fun, everyone enjoys it’ or simply ‘I know I need to get fitter but…’ and then you shut yourself down immediately? Why? Because ‘it takes ages to reach the look I dream of’, ‘there will be other people in the class who are more advanced and I will feel stupid’, ‘I don’t have energy/time/money for it’, etc. You start to feel uncomfortable with this new idea because it challenges your habits and what you are used to. So you abort the idea all together!

But think about it for a minute. If you stay in your comfort zone and you do not challenge yourself, will anything change? Are you really comfortable where you are? Most probably not! That’s why this new idea popped in your mind. You looked in a mirror and felt uncomfortable with what you saw. You’d love to have more fun in your life, that’s why this class appealed to you. It’d be great to have more energy and your colleague who trains regularly seems always on fire!

So let’s play with this idea a little. If you decide to step out from this ‘comfort’ zone of yours, what is the worst thing that might happen? What if you won’t be able to do everything your instructor is going to show you on the first class (chances are, you won’t as most people don’t!)? What if you won’t lose 20lbs in 2 weeks but you will lose 2lbs instead of gaining it? What if you go to a class tired and push yourself forgetting about stress and all the worries for a minute instead of staying home and thinking about how miserable you feel? Is there anything bad that can actually come out of it? I doubt it! Then why don’t you try and get uncomfortable (both mentally and physically – yes, your muscles will be sore, especially first few times!) and go to a class, do your workout in a gym or run in a park? Your wishes could actually come true and you WILL get slimmer, fitter, happier and more energised.

I have met so many people who won’t give themselves a chance to change and grow. Not because they don’t want to – they do! We all want to improve ourselves. But because they are afraid to, the mere thought of a plan leading to improvement makes them feel so uncomfortable that they stop thinking about it. Don’t! Let’s challenge ourselves and get uncomfortable, otherwise nothing will change for better.